Saturday, February 6, 2010


In the late 90's a type of hardcore emerged that was both hard and noisy but had melody (sometimes) and high pitched vocals. This scene emerged out when power violence was at its peak. At the same time Victory Record knuckle dragging hardcore dominated. Quite a few bands tired of this finger pointing nonsense went on to create a new sound. No one had named this new scene except for a band called In/Humanity, deeming themselves "emo-violence" (as a joke). The term caught on and bands began claiming themselves as "emo-violence" bands. As a jokingly deregatory term fans began to call them "screamo". This type of hardcore stems from punk, power-violence, grunge, metal and early hardcore and "emo" bands.

Fugazi first deemed an "emo" band is so far from Dashboard Confessional.

And pg. 99 couldn't be farther away from My Chemical Romance.

My reason for bringing this up is because I recently found some recordings of bands I was in who played this type of music. I was in three, Soundtrack to Murder By, Surprise your Dead and Count the Bodies. Now thinking of it all the names have a common thread. I came up with all the names but at that time it was the emergence of all this Metal Blade-esque chugga chugga hardcore/metal and I just wanted to put all those bands on a boat far out in the ocean and set it on fire. Anyway enjoy the below videos. And if anyone wants one of the releases contact me:




Pg. 99

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